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Linux Router
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Neville Stead
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This site is an introduction to simple hardware routers for small networks built from old, obsolete hardware and free open source software. The intended audience for this site are Newbies to both Linux and to hardware routers and firewalls. Included are instructions for hardware assembly and software configuration. One page is a primer for network security and discusses firewalls, anti-virus software and other security related tools. The intent of this site is to encourage others to build and install their own secure router for homes and small businesses.

Cool Dad! the Internet's on all the time

A few years ago, I had cable broad-band Internet access installed in our home. The cable modem was connected to my Windows 2000 Professional desktop system through a 10baseT (RJ-45) Ethernet card.

This computer was also connected to our second computer running Win98SE, located in my Daughters room. This connection was a 10base2 (RG-58 coax) network with 10base2 Ethernet cards in each computer. The Win2k system was setup for Internet sharing (ICS) and routed the 2nd computers IP traffic from the network over to the cable modem.

Life was good. High-speed broad-band access at home. No more complaints about busy phone lines. Lightning fast downloads.

Dad! the Internet's not working

Everything worked fine until I got the urge to frag a few Bots in Unreal Tornie or race a Porsche 911 in Need-for-Speed. Exit NT and boot-up SE. I've had little luck running my dual CPU SMP Win2k workstation as a gaming platform and who wants to tie down a Win98 gaming system with IP routing duties. Internet sharing also required my workstation to be turned on for a good part of the day.

Get a router

I decided that a dedicated hardware router would be the best option to free my computer from Internet sharing duties and to secure the entire network around the clock. I checked the local hardware vendors and was shocked at the price of hardware routers at that time.

While searching the Web for router hardware, I stumbled onto the Linux Router Project or LPR. A neat way to build a router with old hardware and free software.

Years later, the price of home network hardware routers has come down considerably, but I'm still running the Linux Box because of its versatility and features not found on home network routers.

This site was last updated 14-Oct-2004

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